Alternative & Complementary Therapies

Integrating mainstream medicine with alternative and complementary approaches is at the forefront of healthcare in the UK. We are committed to combining a wide range of approaches by merging an NHS GP practice with a long-established complementary health centre, all under the same roof. We aim to provide a fully holistic health service offering the most appropriate treatment for our patients and clients. Our Therapist Manager is able to advise you on all aspects of treatment courses.

News and Research

A Season to Change
Category: News | Posted on: 21 Jul 2014

Here at the Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre, we like to help you to help yourself. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge, especially if you have to change a few of your habits and routines. So we have devised a way to help...  [read more]

Finding Your Compass
Category: News | Posted on: 9 Jul 2014

Finding Your Compass is a project created by film maker Fiona Geilinger and dance artist/researcher Rosaria Gracia which explores a creative road to express different approaches...  [read more]

Resources for Mental Health Support
Category: News | Posted on: 9 Jul 2014

If you need support or information about mental health issues there are lots of places to go in Brighton. Here's a page of resources that might be helpful... How you can help: We are working towards 5% of the city’s adult residents...  [read more]

Online Booking
Category: News | Posted on: 16 Jun 2014

You can now book your complementary therapy appointments online. Register here, or access the online booking with the "Client Login" link (top right) or wherever you see Book Online around the website. Once registered,...  [read more]

Therapy Taster Day!
Category: News | Posted on: 29 Apr 2014

Our Therapy Taster Day is on Sunday 11th May, alongside the Artists Open House, offering tasters, talks and chats available from many of our complementary therapists. All sessions are FREE, but with a contribution to our charity, The Brunswick...  [read more]


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